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  • Mobile Testing Tips: Experiences & Realities

    Some testers believe that mobile testing requires completely distinct approach deployed by distinct techniques, methodologies and tools; while some others believe that it is nothing but a contextually different traditional software testing. Price : Rs. 211 Website : Author :  Baris Sarialioglu

  • Mastering Mobile Test Automation

    If you need a complete understanding of mobile automation testing and its practical implementation, then this book is for you. Familiarity with the basics of VB Script and Java along with knowledge of basic testing concepts is essential. Price : Rs. 684 Website : Author :  Gaurav Gupta

  • Beginner’s Guide for Mobile Applications Testing

    This book on mobile application testing will enable readers to master the art of testing mobile applications with ease. Book discusses varies factors that contributes to efficient execution and planning of mobile application testing. Book also shares estimation tips and automation tools that can come handy while working on mobile read more

  • Appium Essentials

    Use Appium for automate any type of mobile application from any language using any test framework Write a single script to perform automation testing on both Android and iOS platforms. Price :  Rs. 456 Website: Author :  Manoj hans

  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing

    Mobile security has came a long way over the last few years. It has transitioned from “should it be done?” to “it must be done!”Alongside the growing number of devises and applications, there is also a good growth in the volume of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Financial Data, and much read more

  • Learning Android Application Testing

    If you are an Android developer and want to test your applications or optimize your application development process, then this book is for you. No previous experience in application testing is required. Price :  Rs. 799 Website : Author :  Paul blundell

  • TestComplete Mobile Testing

    This book explores the TestComplete approach to mobile applications testing, from responsive web sites down to fine-grain control of native Android and iOS apps. We’re going to show you how to get started testing your mobile apps right away, leveraging your existing skills. Price :  $ 29.95 Website : Author read more