Mobile App Testing Certifications-To do or not to do


In last few months, I got many emails regarding “Mobile App Testing Certifications”. If there is any certification for Mobile App Testing? Should I do certification in Mobile Testing to get a job ? etc. For those who want to know more about Certifications available for Mobile App Testing, I am providing the list of the certifications here so that you can take a look on it. However, saying that, I do not endorse any of the certification listed below. Also, before you proceed to see list of certifications available in Mobile App Testing, please find below my answers to some of the important questions I received recently about mobile app testing certifications:

Q: If there are any certifications specific to Mobile App Testing?

There are few certifications available specifically for “Mobile App Testing”. They are introduced recently looking at the popularity of Mobile App Testing due explosive growth of Mobile Domain. You can see the complete list of certifications in the post below.

Q: I am a Fresher, Should I do certification in Mobile Testing to get a job?

Certifications do not guarantee job. The practical knowledge is important. The certification syllabus /Training can help you to get basics of this domain. If possible, instead of spending money on Certification, invest that money/time on some useful training in Mobile App Testing where you can get some hands-on experience in testing mobile app. If you are getting certification along with some good training then you can go ahead. However, so far I have gone through Syllabus of all the certifications I mentioned in the blog post, they all are very theoretical and even the training oriented for these certifications can  provide you some guidance only to go ahead.

The only advantage of certification for Freshers sometimes is, if there are many candidates of the same level, the interviewer may give additional preference to one who have this certification(based on their own bias). OR sometimes you get some extra edge when there are many resumes and recruiters has to shortlists the CV’S.

Q: I have experience of 10 years in the manual testing of the website and desktop, I want to switch to Mobile App Testing. Should I do certification in Mobile Testing to crack the opportunity in the mobile testing domain?

As you already have enough experience in Software Testing, instead of going for certification, you can go for any quick mobile app testing training. Request for small projects from the trainer as practical things like installing app, installing SDK’s (Software Development Kits for Android iOS etc.,investigating logs, reporting crashed and bugs, testing on various test devices etc. are small but practical things you should know.

Q: What are those all Mobile Testing Certifications available so far?

Here you go:

Mobile App Testing Certification


Finally, think before investing in any certification. Your certification will not yield any value without sufficient knowledge.




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