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I am Anurag Khode, writer of this blog (www.mobileappstesting.com). I am working as a Quality Analyst since last few years in a IT company and also sharing my thoughts and knowledge via this blog in the field of mobile application testing/Mobile Testing.


When I joined my first company and came to know that I have to work in mobile domain, I just started searching for various resources in this domain especially in the field of testing. May be I wanted to get as much knowledge as much as I can and as fast as I can. However my search ended up with no strong positive results as such. I found that there are many sites which are providing knowledge and resources on Software testing but almost nothing was there who could guide me on mobile software/application/games or mobile wap site testing. I kept on searching for almost 2 years but still there was no site which was completely focused on this part of testing. (Definitely there were few sites/blogs from some big companies in the field of Mobile Application Testing /Mobile Testing services, but finally they could also not help as these sites or Blogs were more interested in their Business promotions.)Looking at the scenario, finally I decided to write my own blog which will at least help others to find resources and knowledge in this domain of testing.

Mobile Application Testing i.e. www.mobileappstesting.com is just a small effort where I share my knowledge or finding in this domain of testing. I have also tried to share all the important internet resources with proper references to these articles. I hope you will like it. Even if you don’t like it, your suggestions for improvement are most welcome.

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