APPIUM TUTORIALS 3: Advantages and Disadvantages of Appium


Advantages of Appium:

  1. Appium is Open Source(Free)
  2. Appium Supports many language (Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C#)
  3. Appium supports automation of hybrid, native and mobile web applications.
  4. No need to make changes in the app in order to support automation with Appium. (In many other tools, you need to recompile your app by making some changes)
  5. Appium is Cross Platform.
  6. Appium supports multiple platforms:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • FirefoxOS

Disadvantages: – 

  • Appium does not provide direct support for android alert handling. 
  • Appium does not support all android version in fact it supports limited android version. Appium directly support android version 17 and later, but does not support android versions older than 17. If you want to work with android versions older than 17 then use integrated tool Selendroid. 
  • User cannot locate images with Appium in order to locate images user had to work with screen coordinates. 
  • Some of gesture support are yet not implemented such as double clicking in java-client library.