Pros and Cons of Frank (iOS Test Automation Tool)


As we have seen what is Frank in our Last post, let us see what are pros and cons of using Frank for iOS Test Automation:




  1. Test scenarios can be written by non-technical team members, in understandable English sentences, with the aid of Cucumber framework.
  2. Symbiote – Live inspection tool is included.
  3. Proves to be efficient if there is a previous experience on web automation framework with Selenium and Cucumber
  4. Active community support
  5. Continuously improving library


  1. Restricted to iOS applications
  2. Limited support for gestures
  3. Cumbersome test execution on the mobile device
  4. Configuration changes required for real device execution
  5. Access to the mobile application source code

Quick Comparison with Other Open Source Tools:

Mobile Test Automation Tools Comparison
Mobile Test Automation Tools Comparison

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